December 19, 2018

ISEED Discipleship Training


Hey graduates, use your OPT to grow in faith and learn to share God's love around the world.

International Students as Equipped and Empowered Disciples

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The IFI ISEED internship is a 10-12 month hands-on discipleship experience that prepares you to share God's love globally. Develop your career by working part-time (using your OPT) and get trained part-time to be a disciple-maker. Experience hands-on international ministry in a campus setting. Discover the next steps in following God’s call for your life.

International Friendships, Inc. (IFI), in Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest campus and community-based ministries to international students in the United States.

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Program Overview

  • Work in your field of study 20-32 hours per week
  • Classroom training 8-12 hours per week
  • One-on-one mentoring 2 hours per week
  • Hands-on cross-cultural experience 8-12 hours per week
  • Session 1: July 15 - December 15
  • Session 2: January 15 - June 15

Program Distinctives

  • No fund raising required, work part-time to pay living expenses
  • No R-1 visa required, use OPT
  • Customizable training, hands-on cross-cultural ministry experience, discuss-oriented seminars
  • Guided by one on one mentoring
  • Flexible start/end dates and work hours per week

Content Covered

  • Jesus' method for Disciple Making
  • Effective Bible Study Methods
  • Hearing from God, Inner Healing
  • Storytelling and Sharing the Good News
  • Spiritual Leadership and Team Building
  • Cross-cultural Communication and Sensitivity
  • Interpersonal Relationship Skills
  • Hospitality and Loving People
  • Working in a Career for God
  • Balancing Life / Work / Ministry
ISEED students passing out brochure
ISEED students engaging students at festival

What ISEED graduates are saying

The IFI ISEED Training is one of the most complete programs I’ve ever attended in my life. I feel I learned a lot and I know how to apply Biblical principles in practical ways. I’m ready to go back and I know God is my strong support. I’m not afraid. I think the whole IFI training helped me grow up a lot.
Columbus has been a self-discovery place in several ways, thanks to the wonderful people God has been surrounding me with since the first day I got here. I truly believe my eyes would not have been opened to see God’s greatness had I not took off this year and invest it in the ISEED training. God is surely using this year to reveal his goodness to me.

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1. Clear evidence of saving faith in Jesus Christ

2. Genuine interest in international student ministry

3. Able to obtain an OPT

4. Fluent in written and spoken English

5. Solid references (3 letters of recommendation)

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  • Developing relationships with non-Christian international students
  • Leading a discussion focused Bible study with international students
  • Discipling others to grow in their Christian faith
  • Contextualizing biblical living into your culture
  • Best experience is to start July 15
  • Optional start is January 15
  • Other start and end dates available
  • Recently graduated Christian international student
  • Have a genuine desire to grow in faith
  • Able to obtain an OPT
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Best experience is in Columbus, Ohio due to headquarter resources
  • We have temporary and low-cost housing available
  • Remote option available depending on the location

Program Details

Cost Participants find a part time job to pay for living expenses
  • Fill out pre-screening form
  • If pass screening:
    • Complete the ISEED application form
    • Ask for 3 personal reference letters
  • Find potential employment
Application Deadline April 15 for starting July 15
October 15 for starting January 15
Contact Mike Krajnak, ISEED Coordinator
International Friendships, Inc.
1520 Old Henderson Rd, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43220